Monday, 11 July 2011

Things only make you stronger!!

Well I reall feel like I've been through the mixer lately and now I'm trying my best to sort myself out. After a few shitty weeks of lonely travelling, cultural differences, idiot humans, unsafe appartments, ridiculous hick towns and utterly SELFISH BASTARDS I am now home!!!

And what have I learned?

- Don't trust people you don't know (even when they seem delightfully helpful and the start)

- Don't believe anything people say over a phone call.

- Never expect companies to help you once they've had you're money from you (thats all they were after in the first place!)

- Don't think people are your friends when you've only just met them, and don't expect them not to bitch about you behind you're back.

- Home is always more beautiful when you're away from it (especially when your in an ugly place, alone.)

As a result I'm choosing to take up this blog again with full force to exorcise my demons and improve my writing skills.

Plus when I'm a mega-rich award-winning author I'll buy the entirety of Mackinaw City and bulldoze the pile of shit to the ground for my own simple enjoyment!! Watch your back Shirt Tales Inc, you vile cretins!

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